About Us

Welcome to Erotic Hypnosis Music! All the mp3 files listed on this site are royalty free which means buy them once use them again and again. Though they have a erotic hypnosis edge there will also be music for any kind of production but we here at Erotic Hypnosis Music are very adult friendly and have created music with the adult community in mind.

Erotic Hypnosis Music is a collective of musicians, engineers and producers. All with long histories in the music business. We’ve worked with known talent in the mainstream world, produced bands you’ve probably heard and played on albums you’ve likely to have bought. We’ve also scored film productions and television shows and can tranverse many styles. While we record high-end analog recordings, we know you exist in the digital world. All of our work is tested to be fully loopable and is painstakingly mastering for easy mp3 files that will play quickly and cleanly in a variety of environments. While any track can be used for any application EH Music goes a step further to help you dial in your tracks by using special voicings inside the music to create specific feelings and susceptibilties.

We also do mastering, mixing and restoration work. Ask us about your project.

Having many friends in the adult world a need was identified for quality, inexpensive, royalty free music that would serve the needs of the adult community. Erotic Hypnosis Music is creating that music with them in mind.



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